Volume 10, Number 8 November 29, 2002

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Researchers get $685,000 from Heart & Stroke Foundation

University of Saskatchewan health researchers will receive a total of $685,800 to study aspects of Canada's leading health problems - heart disease and stroke.

Grant-in-aid-funding from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Saskatchewan will assist with projects ranging from a study of how the amount of protein in a person's diet can affect stroke survival to alternative cost-effective ways of delivering traditional drug treatments.

The grants are part of a total of almost $1.16 million announced by the Foundation for 2002-03. A U of S post-doctoral student was also awarded one of the national personnel awards.

"The Heart and Stroke Foundation is a major provider of medical research funding in our province," says Dr. Mark Evered, the Foundation's Research Chair and U of S Vice-Provost.

"The ongoing funding from the Heart and Stroke Foundation offers opportunities both to attract and retain high-quality researchers and clinicians at the Universities and in the Province."

The following are brief project summaries provided by the Foundation.

2002-2003 Research Grants

  • Dr. Thomas Fisher
    Ca2+ channel composition and neuroendocrine release

  • Dr. Venkat Gopalakrishnan
    The role of vascular cysteinyl leukotrienes in spontaneous hypertension.

  • Dr. Linda Hiebert
    Oral Heparins.

  • Dr. Robert McNeill
    Vasopressin in Rat Models of Hypertension.

  • Drs. Phyllis Paterson, Bernhard Juurlink and Jim Thornhill
    Regulation of Brain Glutathione by Nutritional Factors in Stroke.

  • Dr. Kailash Prasad
    Oxyradicals in Hypercholesterolemic Toxicity on Vascular System and Effect of Secoisolariciresinol.

  • Drs. Kevin Spink, Karen Chad and Bruce Reeder
    Examining physician counseling to promote the adoption of physical activity: a controlled trial.

  • Dr. Bruce Reeder
    Saskatchewan Heart Health Program: Dissemination Research.

  • Dr. Deborah Saucier
    Age and environment effects on hypoxic-ischemic brain damage.

  • Dr. Rajendra K. Sharma
    Calmodulin Regulated Proteins in the Heart.

  • Dr. Wolfgang Walz
    The gliotic response in focal ischemia.

  • Dr. Lingyun Wu
    PPAR gamma in hypertension.

  • Dr. Hui Wang
    Vascular gp91 phox containing NADPH oxidase in angiotensin 11-induced hypertension.

  • Dr. Rui Wang
    HO/CO system and sGC/cGMP pathway in vascular smooth muscles in hypertension.

  • GROUP GRANT: Dr. Tom Wilson (director of project), Dr. Venkat Gopalakrishnan, Dr. Linda Hiebert and Dr. Robert McNeill
    Regulation of Endothelial Factors in Hypertension and Diabetes.

  • Personnel Award: Liu, Pinggang (Pharmacology)
    Regulation of endothelin by angiotension II, vasopressin and insulin in rat cardiomyocytes. Supervisor: Venkat Gopalakrishnan.

  • For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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