Volume 11, Number 1 August 8, 2003

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Campus Plan okayed

At its late-June meeting, the University Board of Governors approved the final version of the Core Area Master Plan, a document that outlines the principles and guidelines that will govern the physical development of campus over the next half-century.

And although Board approval is the final step in what has been a long development process, the governing principles of the plan have already been applied "into our daily operations and concepts that are already on the go," according to Paul Becker, Associate Vice-President for Facilities Management. "Because the Master Plan is a live, working tool and vision document, it's a continuation of the live processes we use every day."

Highlights of the plan include reestablishment of connections between the campus and the South Saskatchewan River as well as other outlying areas, identification of potential building sites, protection of green space, expansion of University housing including redevelopment of McEown Park, realignment of campus roadways and construction of three parkades.

Becker pointed out the plan is not set in stone, but rather it is designed to be "both responsive and adaptable" to the changing needs of the University. He added it will be formally reviewed and updated every five years in line with the Integrated Planning cycle to ensure "it's agile enough to support, enable and protect whatever the strategic directions are at the time."

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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