Volume 12, Number 8 December 3, 2004

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Heart & Stroke funding will aid research projects

Two U of S researchers will benefit from the recent announcement that the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Saskatchewan will commit $1.18 million over the coming year to support work that looks at why heart disease and stroke develop, and new ways of preventing and treating the disease.

Phil Chilibeck, associate professor of kinesiology, will study the effects of combining two treatments – dietary supplement of flax lignan and regular exercise – on people with high cholesterol. His study will involve recruiting men and women in the Saskatoon area.

Deb Saucier, associate professor of psychology, has noted that strokes, thought to be a disease of the elderly, affect newborns as well, particularly those born prematurely. Her work is expected to expand understanding of how age affects the degree of brain injury and what therapies might best protect babies.

In announcing its funding, the Heart and Stroke Foundation noted that four out of every 10 people in Canada will develop some form of stroke or heart disease in their lifetime. Combined, the two diseases could claim more that 75,000 Canadian lives annually.

Bruce Waygood, the U of S co-ordinator of health research, said this province’s researchers are fortunate to have the support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The organization is, he said, “one of the larger and more stable sources of support for research on which the Saskatchewan universities can build.”

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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