Volume 12, Number 1 July 23, 2004

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New leaders elected to student government

Elections by both bodies governing students at the University of Saskatchewan this spring produced new slates of officers for the coming year.

Gavin Gardiner
Gavin Gardiner
Indrani Chakraborty
Indrani Chakraborty

The Graduate Student’s Association elected Indrani Chakraborty president. The sociology student is joined on the executive by Dinesh Sharma, vice-president student affairs, Rishabh Malhotra, vice-president academic and awards, Melanie Dyck, vice-president finance, and Pavan Kumar, vice-president operations and administration. Continuing from the previous year is Nicole Berard who will serve as past executive member.

Gavin Gardiner, who is doing a double major in English and political studies, was elected in March to the position of president of the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union. Gardiner earned 760 votes in an election that saw 12.9 per cent of the student population vote.

Other positions on the USSU executive include Wendy Sharpe who will serve as vice-president academic affairs, Jeff MacDonald, vice-president operations and finance, and Kim Stranden, vice-president student issues. Robin Mowat, Susanne Berg, Talib Daredia, Kira Goss, Evan Olsen and James Walker were elected to seats on the University Senate.

A minor controversy arose following voting when it was announced that Mitch Spray, a candidate for vice-president academic affairs, had been disqualified. A USSU news report said Spray, who finished last in the three-way race for the position, was deemed to have campaigned near voting stations, a violation of the organization’s election bylaws. Spray was quoted as saying he had legitimate reasons for being near voting stations, and that he was disappointed the elections board did not speak to him before making its announcement to the student body.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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