Volume 12, Number 6 November 5, 2004

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Nanostructures facility to be built at synchrotron

One day before its official opening, the Canadian Light Source (CLS) made the news with announcements about funding for a facility to be located at the synchrotron which will allow industry and scientists to build micro-size devices that have a wide range of commercial uses.

On Oct. 21, the federal government and Saskatchewan Industry and Resources said they would contribute $3 million over the next three years to build what will be known as the Canadian Synchrotron Nanostructures Facility (CSNF). The money will come from the Canada-Saskatchewan Western Economic Partnership Agreement.

The new facility – described as a machine shop that will use the X-ray synchrotron light instead of a lathe to produce nano-scale devices for use in biomedicine, aerospace, communications and sensors – will also receive an in-kind contribution of $495,000 from the National Research Council for design expertise, equipment and staff.

The first commercial support for the CSNF has come from three companies:

  • $315,000 from aviation and communications conglomerate Rockwell Collins which anticipates developing ever-smaller communications devices;
  • TRLabs provided an in-kind contribution of $400,000 for project management, design and equipment; and
  • $105,000 from VCom Inc., a Saskatoon company that expects nano-scale devices to be developed for future product lines.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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