Volume 12, Number 17 April 29, 2005

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Employees to get new electronic file storage

Starting May 12, all U of S instructors, researchers and staff will have an electronic file storage service available through the campus network and PAWS web portal.

The Information & Technology Services (ITS) Division announced last week it has developed the new service, called Cabinet, which will operate like the Folder file service already offered to U of S students.

The announcement said it’s ITS’ belief that each instructor, researcher and staff member needs a basic reliable, secure, high-performance and backed-up service where they can each store their own work files. It said ITS staff have been working hard to get the system ready for the mid-May start-up.

“People will be able to access their personal work files from their desktop computer as a mounted drive, from most computer labs on campus, or from home via the My Files channel in PAWS,” ITS states.

While each student starts with 100 megabytes of storage space in the Folder service, faculty and staff will each start with 500 megabytes of space in Cabinet. Under certain circumstances, that can be increased.

Use of the Cabinet service will be subject to the policies and procedures outlined in the University’s Computer Use Policy (www.usask.ca/policies/4_11.htm).

The ITS announcement notes that providing file services for instructors, researchers and staff supports the University’s strategic directions, which aim “to enhance educational quality and services inside and outside the classroom and make effective use of new developments in information and communications technology”.

More information about the new Cabinet service will be available at: www.usask.ca/its/services/cabinet.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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