Volume 13, Number 1 July 8, 2005

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Clinical practice space for medical students OK’d

A second College of Medicine renovation project has been given fast-track approval by the Board of Governors, as an advance part of the major Academic Health Sciences Centre expected to be built within a few years.

Following its May 6 approval of the $1.9-million renovation of an inefficient lab into a new lecture theatre and break-out rooms, the Board at its June 24 meeting gave both preliminary and secondary-level approval to a $1.2-million renovation of space on the fourth floor of the Health Sciences Building, adjacent to the lecture theatre project. This is to create a new “clinical learning resources centre”. The centre will basically be practice space for student doctors and student nurses to interact with actors and trained patients in a clinical setting, to learn diagnostic and patient-relations skills.

It will consist of 10 examination and interview rooms, a computer room, one break-out room, and an office and reception area. The students can also use another nine break-out rooms next door that are part of the lecture theatre project.

Besides being necessary for the current academic program of the College of Medicine, the project proposal to the Board noted that this facility is also important for the successful renewal of accreditation for the College. The facility is needed as “a critical component of the overall development strategy ... in order to meet accreditation issues.”

The clinical learning resources centre will be temporary, in that a new facility will be part of the future Academic Health Sciences Centre. When that is built, plans call for this resource centre on the fourth floor of the existing Health Sciences Building to revert to use as graduate and research offices and computer labs.

The renovation project should be finished by April 2006 and ready for scheduled use in September 2006.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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