Volume 13, Number 1 July 8, 2005

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Drivers face $140 tickets if Vet. Road rule ignored

Campus Safety Director Bob Ferguson has called on drivers to observe the new one-way restriction on Veterinary Road – or pay the price.

Ferguson told On Campus News in mid=June that many motorists are not heeding the posted traffic signs which prohibit driving southbound from the Large Animal Clinic, past the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, to Campus Drive.

The portion of Veterinary Road from Campus Drive to the Large Animal Clinic is now restricted to one-way northbound. The remainder of Veterinary Road, north from the Large Animal Hospital, continues to be two-way.

Ferguson said for a number of weeks his special constables have issued “many, many warning tickets”, but the violations continue.

“Many faculty, staff and students are ignoring the one-way signs and this is putting the safety of the construction people [at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine] and other users at risk.”

On June 21, Campus Safety issued a University-wide telephone message and notice in the PAWS intranet service reminding everyone about the one-way road.

Ferguson says his officers will monitor the situation and from now on they will issue provincial traffic tickets to violators. The fee is $140 per ticket.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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