Volume 12, Number 13 March 4, 2005

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MacKinnon lauds Rae Report

U of S President Peter MacKinnon, who is also chair of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, says the Rae Report on post-secondary education in Ontario is a “very valuable” contribution to debate on the country’s higher education.

MacKinnon told the Feb. 24 meeting of University Council that he hopes the report, issued Feb. 7 by former Ontario Premier Bob Rae, “generates a major national discussion about post-secondary education. I will be promoting this.”

MacKinnon has long called for a national debate on the role of post-secondary education and its priority and funding requirements, similar to what has taken place over health care.

He told Council most Ontario universities and colleges have endorsed the Rae Report. He said he sees its main points as being:

  • Current funding levels risk "romancing mediocrity". Rae recommends a $1.3-billion ongoing funding increase for higher ed. in Ontario.
  • Governments should not set tuition levels.
  • "Governments and universities should make multi-year commitments to university revenues and quality."
  • Ontario has to be clearer about support for research.
  • Governments and universities need to do more on accountability, quality measures, outcomes and improvements.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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