Volume 12, Number 18 May 13, 2005

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College Bldg. reopening on schedule for Sept. 6

Although work by the contractor hired to restore and renovate the College Building is running behind schedule, the project manager remains confident the Collegiate Gothic showpiece will be open to the public again in September.

Ron Cruikshank

Ron Cruikshank

Ron Cruikshank with Facilities Management Division said the original schedule had PCL Construction wrapping up its work on the $20.5-million job by the end of April, “but now it’s looking more like the end of May”.

Like most renovations of old buildings, there are always a few surprises which account for some of the delay, he said, adding that it is rare these days for any construction job to run on schedule. Difficulty making some decisions during construction by the University, the consultant and the contractor resulted in other setbacks.

The University is “taking measures to mitigate against delays”, he added. The original schedule called for University staff to move in once the contractor’s work was complete, to do wiring for the computer network, telephones and security. Cruikshank said some of that work is already underway.

The first group scheduled to move into the building is Student and Enrolment Services Division, the largest single occupier of the new space. “We’re looking toward the latter part of July and up to the middle of August” for that move. No dates have been fixed for moving in administration, the permanent art collection and the Museum of Antiquities although he estimated those moves will take place in August and September.

Even with the delays, Cruikshank is not worried that the tentative rededication date of Sept. 6 will have to be moved. He’s also sure that everyone will be delighted with the results of the work on the heritage building.

“It’s going to be a marvelous re-introduction of this building to campus. A lot of people are going to be amazed when it reopens.”

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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