Volume 12, Number 18 May 13, 2005

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First client signs deal to use CLS

Canadian Light Source logo

Canadian Light Source logo

Synodon Inc., of Edmonton, manufacturers of an advanced airborne sensor system to detect leaks in natural gas pipelines, will be the first paying customer of the Canadian Light Source synchrotron.

The contract for the first commercial applied science project in the facility was signed in mid-April. The company plans to use the synchrotron’s infrared beamline to do spectroscopic analyses of gases in order to refine its detection technology. Leak detection has relied on handheld gas detectors carried by workers who walked kilometres of pipeline. Synodon’s new technology will be mounted under a helicopter, and will allow more than 100 kilometres of pipeline to be inspected in an hour.

Matthew Dalzell, communications co-ordinator for the synchrotron, said the beamline required for Synodon’s work is expected to be running by late summer. He was unable to provide any information about the dollar value of the contract.

The first academic users of the facility, which was officially opened last October, are expected to arrive in the last week of May to assist with commissioning the facility, he said. These “friendly users” have been part of the user community for some time, Dalzell said. Their experiments will help fine-tune the facility and “if they get data, that’s great. If not, that’s OK too”.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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