Volume 13, Number 7 November 18, 2005

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Bean industry advances


A new variety of pinto bean to be grown and processed in this province should prove to be a big boost for Saskatchewan’s bean industry.

The U of S Crop Development Centre (CDC) has entered into a seven-year agreement with the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, Walker Seeds Ltd. and Keg Agro that will see Walker and Keg Agro produce, process and market all pinto beans developed by the CDC, including a variety known as 1533-15, currently in its first year of pedigreed seed production. The agreement covers all slow-darkening pinto beans.

The CDC bean is unique in that it stays fresh looking longer than other varieties which show signs of darkening by six months or sooner.

CDC breeder Bert Vandenberg said there is a need to keep university-developed bean varieties “separated from other pinto bean varieties so that their identity is preserved and the end market can take full advantage of their unique characteristics”. The agreement will provide a direct link from the breeding program to the market, he said in a joint news release.

Since its inception, the CDC has released 92 varieties of pulse crops including 32 lentil, 20 pea, 22 bean, 13 chickpea and five fababean varieties.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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