Volume 13, Number 7 November 18, 2005

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On Campus News would like to correct three errors made in its last edition, Nov. 4, 2005:

• In the story ‘Outreach & Engagement debated’, on Page 12, it was erroneously reported that the second draft of the Outreach and Engagement Foundational Document which was being debated at various forums and at University Council did not propose any central unit to co-ordinate or support outreach and engagement initiatives that faculty will undertake in the future. In fact, the document proposed there be three central units (two of them new) to co-ordinate or support various aspects of outreach and engagement.

• In the story ‘U of S says CUPE VP’s letter was unfair labour practice’, on Page 1, it was stated that CUPE’s most recent collective agreement “ran out last Dec. 31”. In fact, it ran out Dec. 31, 2003.

• In the story ‘U of S authors on awards shortlist’, on Page 8, it was stated that Prof. Bill Waiser’s recent book Saskatchewan: A New History was commissioned by the province. In fact, while the province provided funding along with support from the federal government and U of S release-time from teaching duties, the book was not commissioned by the provincial government. Waiser had unfettered control over the book’s editorial content.

On Campus News apologizes for the errors.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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