Volume 13, Number 4 October 7, 2005

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The colourful new murals will help people find their vehicles.

Photo courtesy of Dave Humphreys and Pelican Media.

Murals mark parkade levels, fight graffiti

Among the finishing touches now being applied to the University’s Stadium Parkade are 13 large, colourful, sports-themed murals.

And while they’re nice to look at, they achieve two other very useful goals: they will be a big help in letting patrons find their way back to their vehicles, and they provide a deterrent to graffiti vandals.

Consumer Services Administrator Judy Wall says the murals, more than 10 feet wide by six feet high, are now being installed in the stairwells at each floor landing. They’re a coloured, laminated vinyl that is stuck directly onto the wall. One will go in the landing of each of the five floors at both the east and northwest stairwells, and in each of the three floors of the southeast stairwell.

“We were trying to find a way to help people navigate through the building, and to get away from the idea that parkades have to look sparse and ugly.” Wall says.

So, each mural has a prominent floor number, a sport theme, and a strong colour which is followed throughout the floor on painted pillars. Each of the five sports depicted feature Huskie athletes in action. The first floor shows football, the second floor basketball, the third floor hockey, the fourth floor track and field, and the fifth floor volleyball.

Wall says the “wayfinding” mural system was in the plans for the parkade right from the beginning. The costs, part of the overall project budget, come to just over $8,000.

She says an added benefit of the system is that if graffiti artists do vandalize the murals, they can be replaced very quickly, easily and inexpensively, simply by applying another vinyl mural. But she hopes the attractive murals will help to prevent graffiti in the first place.

Wall says the last couple of finishing touches to the parkade which are also underway are landscaping and the installation of some stairwell grating.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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