Volume 13, Number 3 September 23, 2005

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Doors open to students from areas hit by hurricane

MONTREAL – McGill University, along with members of the American Association of Universities, is making efforts to accommodate students from Tulane University in New Orleans who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina.

A McGill news report said the University will admit freshmen students from Tulane into a regular undergraduate program where possible. For the first term, admissions were accepted until Sept. 13, the end of the course add/drop period. After that date, Tulane students will be considered for admission to the January 2006 term.

The university said all applications, including those to professional programs like law, were reviewed promptly and individually “to expedite regular processes”. The report pointed out students from the U.S. will have to get appropriate permits and paperwork from immigration authorities in order to study in this country, but the International Student Services Office was offering to contact government authorities directly on behalf of the students.

The University of Manitoba has also opened its doors to students and faculty displaced by the hurricane. A release from that university said the institution has pledged to accept both undergrad and graduate students from affected areas, and that, in the absence of documentation, a letter from them attesting to their academic background will be considered sufficient to issue a letter of acceptance.

Those students accepted by the U of M will also be deemed to be from Minnesota and will pay the same tuition charged to Canadian students. This stems from a reciprocal agreement between Manitoba and the state of Minnesota whereby students pay the tuition charged at the university of registration.

The U of M has also said it will try to arrange housing for students and faculty, and will work with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), which is in contact with the Department of Foreign Affairs, to expedite admission to Canada for those wishing to spend time at a Canadian university. U.S. students will also have access to the U of M Students’ Union health and dental plans.

According to the Sept. 9 news report, one student originally registered at the University of New Orleans has already taken the U of M up on its offer.

In London, Ont., U.S. students had until Sept. 16 to apply for admission to the University of Western Ontario, according to a report issued by that institution. In addition to admission, Western planned to work with qualified students to acquire appropriate documentation and to find housing.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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