Volume 13, Number 3 September 23, 2005

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$3m awarded for crop temperature study

It was announced last week that U of S crop scientist Brian Fowler, along with his team of scientists from around the world, has been awarded more than $3 million from Genome Canada to investigate crop improvement in temperate climates.

The funding is a part of a recent Genome Canada competition. Fowler’s research project is one of five Genome Prairie projects to be funded and one of 33 which will be partially funded by Genome Canada. Total funding for the projects is $346 million. Of this, $167.2 million is provided by Genome Canada and $179.3 million by Canadian and international partners.

Fowler, the project leader, is principal investigator of the use of genomic tools for crop improvements in temperate climates.

The project will focus on three economically important crops - wheat, barley and rye. Drawing on extensive genetic data and tools within the wheat and barley species and close relatives, the research team will seek to better understand the low-temperature responses of these crops.

Rye is the most low-temperature tolerant winter cereal and provides a natural candidate for gene identification, characterization and exploitation. The team expects to improve understanding of the genetic mechanisms underlying low-temperature responses, opening the way to more effective crop development for a wide range of species.

Total value of this project, including co-funding, is more than $6 million.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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