Volume 13, Number 15   April 7, 2006

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Suzuki Institute expected to draw from Canada, US

Nicole Wilton Elliott, Community Music Education Coordinator.

Nicole Wilton Elliott, Community Music Education Coordinator.

Photo by Colleen MacPherson.

There will be a piano tuner on call for a whole week in July when Suzuki method teachers and students from across western Canada and the northern U.S. gather on campus for a special event organized by the Extension Division’s Community Music Education Program (CMEP).

Nicole Wilton Elliott, program coordinator, said Extension is considering including Suzuki education in its existing program, and hosting a Summer Suzuki Piano Institute July 16-23 is one way to set the stage.  “Extension partnered with Suzuki teachers to offer an institute here about 10 years ago,” said Elliott, herself a Suzuki method teacher, “but this is the first time it has been initiated by the CMEP.  I’d like to see this become an annual event, and if not annual, then bi-annual.”

The institute is open to 60-70 students ranging in age from 3-18 years and an unlimited number of teachers.  Centered in the Education Building with accommodation provided in University residences, Elliott said the institute will follow guidelines set out by the Suzuki Association of the Americas, but with local touches.  One is the involvement of U of S students. 

“We would really like to explore building a relationship with students who have an interest in early childhood education and the Suzuki method.  We have hired students to help with the classes and activities so we really hope that is something that will develop over the week.”

The schedule for the institute includes private and master classes for students as well as enrichment classes such as music and art, and music and movement.  There will also be ensemble classes, recitals, jazz improvisation and a daily recreation activity, Elliott said.  “We will also be bringing in teachers to teach the teachers.”

More information about the institute can be found at www.communitymusic.usask.ca 

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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