Volume 13, Number 15   April 7, 2006

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Profs appointed, promoted

As of July 1, 10 U of S faculty members who retired last year or will be retiring in June 2006 will be able to add to their credentials the title Professor Emeritus.

The appointments, made by President Peter MacKinnon and presented to the Board of Governors at its March 31 meeting, include:

Winifried Grassman, Dept. of Computer Science (1969-2006)
Dr. Kunio Komiyama, College of Dentistry (1974-2006)
Glen Aikenhead, Dept. of Curriculum Studies (1971-2006)
Murray Scharf, Dept. of Educational Administration (1967-2006)
Mel Hosain, Dept. of Civil and Geological Engineering (1969-2005)
Eric Sprigings, College of Kinesiology (1973-2006)
Dr. James Dosman, Dept. of Medicine (1975-2005)
Dr. David Popkin, Dept. of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences (1982-2005)
Dr. Helen McDuffie, Dept. of Medicine (1982-2006)
Dr. L. Tan, Dept. of Community health and epidemiology (1974-2005)

The Board of Governors also received the annual report of the University Review Committee that this year, recommended 15 faculty members be promoted to the level of full professor.  Effective July 1, the newest full professors will be:

Jill Hobbs, Agricultural Economics
Rose Olfert, Agricultural Economics
Phyllis Shand, Applied Microbiology & Food Science
Carl Gutwin, Computer Science
Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz, Chemistry
Ron Borowsky, Psychology
Neil Chilton, Biology
William Patterson, Geological Sciences
Gary Entwisle, Accounting
Brian Daku, Electrical Engineering
James Bugg, Mechanical Engineering
Adam Baxter-Jones, Kinesiology
Adil Nazarali, Pharmacy and Nutrition
Gordon Zello, Pharmacy and Nutrition
Jaswant Singh, Veterinary Biomedical Sciences

On the recommendation of the College Review Committees, an additional 22 faculty members will advance July 1 to the level of Associate Professor, and there will be one promotion to the position of librarian.  The University Review Committee also granted tenure to 31 faculty members.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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