Volume 13, Number 16   April 21, 2006

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College of Agriculture selects new name

The votes have been counted and the decision declared unanimous – the College of Agriculture will be asking that its name be officially changed to the College of Agriculture and Bioresources.

At a meeting April 12, the college’s Faculty Assembly considered four name choices, said Dean Ernie Barber – Agriculture and Natural Resources, Agriculture and Renewable Resources, Agriculture and Bioresources, and Agriculture, Food and Bioresources. It took three ballots for the final selection to be made “and in the end, after the final vote was done, there was a motion from the floor that the choice be made unanimous.” That motion, he said, passed by a large majority.

The new name will now be presented to the Planning Committee, which will carry it forward to University Council. Barber said he hopes the change will come to a vote at Council’s June meeting, giving the college the summer to, for example, update its website. “It would be nice to go into the fall student recruitment season with the new name in place,” said the dean.

The April 12 vote was the culmination of extensive consultations on the need to bring the college name in line with its modern mandate. “It started with a vision that embraced all things agriculture but also things that run parallel to agriculture” like resource management, forestry, and food, Barber said. It was a process that also revealed to the dean how attached people are to the word agriculture.

“I knew in my heart of hearts that ‘agriculture’ would stay in the name but so many people needed to hear that before they could engage in the vision. There is so much pride, so much history.”

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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