Volume 13, Number 11 February 3, 2006

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New Tim Hortons exceeds sales expectations

Sales also up at Food Services outlets

The Tim Hortons operation that opened in the Geology building last fall is exceeding sales expectations, and a Food Services official says it has actually given a boost to other food outlets.

“We were always more concerned about it (Tim Hortons) drawing customers away from our other locations,” according to Cash Operations Manager Lyle Hazelwanter, “but it actually seems to help.”  He explained that people who want only coffee are opting for Tim Hortons “where we can run them through much faster because they’re set up just for coffee.”  The result is shorter lineups at other Food Services outlets, “and that tends to improve sales.  The Agriculture buffeteria, for example, is having a great year.”

The same situation was observed in the Arts buffeteria when the first campus Tim Hortons coffee and doughnut franchise opened in the tunnel between Place Riel and Arts.

Hazelwanter added the product mix sold at the Geology location is about 70-75 per cent Tim Hortons product and 25-30 per cent soups, salad and sandwiches from Food Services, which is also “better than expected”.

John Olson, Director of Consumer Services, agreed the new operation is surpassing expectations, “and it’s certainly been helping our coffee sales.  In fact, they’re almost to the level of the Tim’s in the tunnel.  The Food Services employees are busy from start to finish.”

The new Tim Hortons replaced a Food Services outlet in Geology that was closed in the fall of 2004 along with similar operations in the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and the Health Sciences Building.  The closures were expected to save Food Services about $30,000 in labour costs and efficiencies. 

Food Services has been struggling with its bottom line for some time and the changes are part of an ongoing effort “to try to position ourselves financially,” said Olson.  All operations are constantly being monitored, he said, and he did not rule out opening a third Tim Hortons outlet on campus.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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