Volume 13, Number 13 March 10, 2006

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UArctic online studies program sets enrolment record this year

The University of the Arctic’s Circumpolar Studies Program (BSC) has set a record with 70 students enrolled in the online version this academic year.

“As enrolment figures show, there is a strong growth in the demand for UArctic courses,” according to Greg Poelzer, an associate professor in Political Studies at the U of S and Dean of Undergraduate Studies at UArctic. “We will be able to have more students over the next few years, as more institutions commit to teaching our courses.”

Last year’s enrolment in BSC 100: Introduction to the Circumpolar World was 57 students, who represent many of the 70 universities that are part of the UArctic network. Information provided by UArctic said that the institution does not have its own campus. Instead, it shares resources, facilities and expertise to build post-secondary education programs that are relevant and accessible to northern students. The U of S hosts the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

Poelzer said UArctic’s goal is to have 1000 students per year enrolled in BSC by 2010, and his office is on target to reach that number. Enrolment figures are up across the range of BSC programs, he said. In 2005-06, some 134 took online courses, up from 104 the previous year.

One person who has noticed the increase is Amanda Graham who has taught BSC 100 at Yukon College in Whitehorse since its pilot seven years ago. Her class this year is made up of seven students from Whitehorse and 33 from Pomor State University in Russia.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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