Volume 13, Number 14  March 24, 2006

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“Sad day” for Extension

When Council is asked to support the disestablishment of the Extension Division at its April meeting, there will be at least one vote against the motion coming from the man designated to head up the entity that will replace it.


Bob Cram, acting director of Extension Credit Studies and interim director of the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education, told Council the notice of motion about the dissolution of the division represents “a sad day for people like myself, and for people in the Extension Division, and I hope a sad day for everyone in this room.”

While he has accepted the inevitable with “frustrated resignation”, Cram said he is unable to grasp the “essential logic” of the move as outlined in the Foundational Document on Outreach and Engagement, and that the end result will be an educational arm of the University that is without faculty.

“We wanted to play an active role in the Outreach and Engagement document, and I feel that’s been denied,” Cram said. “And I’ve seen few signs of support from the rest of the institution.”

If the motion passes, Cram suggested the University formally recognize the “great history” and contribution of the Extension Division which has operated on campus since 1910.

“If this has to go forward, I hope it goes forward with a sense of respect and gratitude.”

- MacPherson

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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