Volume 13, Number 18  May 19, 2006

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Prof website shut down

MONTREAL – McGill University shut down the website of a computer professor after he posted nude pictures of McGill students from a recent issue of Playboy that ranked the institution as the 10th best party school in North America.

News report said content on the site belonging to Luc Devroye was unavailable except for a commentary headlined “A sad day, on April 24, 2006, censorship and political correctness won against academic freedom.”  The dean of sciences was quoted in La Presse that censorship was not the issue, “but rather a lack of judgment on the part of a staff member.”

The Playboy article said McGill scored high because of its 3-2 woman-to-man ratio and influence of francophone Canadians it describes as “famously open about sex.”  In February, lewd photos of a campus party appeared on four pages of Le Journal de Montreal.

McGill was the only Canadian university to make the Playboy list.

Weather network wins award

VICTORIA – A University of Victoria climatologist’s unique network of weather stations installed at 50 public schools in Victoria, Saanich and Sooke has earned him a 2006 Award of Recognition from the BC School Superintendents Association.

Andrew Weaver, the Canada Research Chair in Atmospheric Science, developed the Victoria Micro Meteorological Weather Network to help spark interest among schoolchildren and the public in physics and mathematics – the two sciences that are fundamental to understanding weather.

Each weather station consists of a series of small, solar-powered instrument packages mounted on the school roof. The instruments provide real-time measurements of temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation, solar and UV radiation, and atmospheric pressure.

Concrete digs take grand prize

VANCOUVER –Simon Fraser University’s new residences and dining hall took top honours at the recently announced Awards for Excellence in Concrete Construction.

The eight-storey buildings, completed in the fall of 2004 and spring of 2005, were cited for their excellence in architecture, engineering, design and construction features, and for using ready-mixed concrete to its fullest potential. In particular, the judges note the project’s “honesty” and “ability to speak to its surroundings.”

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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