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On Campus NEWS Current Edition: Friday, February 6, 1998

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Council approves Planning Committee's strategic renewal documents

In what appears to be a watershed initiative, the Planning Committee of Council presents a planning framework and priority-determination plan for the University that responds to the reality of financial stringency and its consequences, on one hand, and to undiminished enrolment pressures and public expectations for quality, on the other.

Atkinson says planning strategy will enable "modest, but critical, reallocations"

Council's approval of the Committee's priority-planning proposals raises a number of questions about the direction of the University.

Sessionals reach four-year agreement with University

The Sessional Lecturers Union (CUPE Local 3287) and the University have signed a collective agreement that gives the members a 6.5% pay increase over a four-year period that dates to July 1, 1995, when the last agreement expired, plus a pension plan option for some members.

External assessment recommends $4 million more for computer and networking upgrade

The technology infrastructure of the University and the computer skills of its graduating students are below average compared to peer institutions, according to a recent study.

President Ivany develops academic plans with South American counterparts

President Ivany is back from a "productive," eight-day trip to universities in Argentina and Brazil. In Argentina, he signed a memorandum of understanding with the University de la Pampala - Pampa being an inland Argentine state whose mixed farming and prairial grasslands approximate those of Saskatchewan.

"PCard" kick-off celebration planned for Place Riel Theatre

Next Monday, the Purchasing Department will be holding an official launch of the PCard - the procurement card contract the U of S and the U of R jointly signed with CIBC last March

Exchanging cultural perspectives

Security Services recently sponsored a two-day, cross-cultural workshop designed to give its staff a better notion of Aboriginal perspectives on a range of social and historical issues.

Disability policy signifies University's leadership

The University disability policy approved by the Board of Governors in March 1997 is currently being implemented. An Implementation Committee made up of students with disabilities and staff, is putting the policy, entitled Students with Disabilities, into practice.

Organizations sponsor "MAI-Day!" teach-in

A collective of community organizations will be holding a 'teach-in' on campus next week to decry the proposed Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) currently being developed through the OECD, in Ottawa.

Employment equity issues discussed

Last week, the Employment Equity Working Committees of the Administration Building colaborated in sponsoring five information/discussion sessions as part of their employment equity education activities.

University gives Coca-Cola exclusivity

The University has entered into a 10-year agreement for Coca-Cola Bottling Ltd. to be the exclusive supplier of cold beverages (except dairy and alcohol products).

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