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On Campus NEWS Current Edition: Friday, October 31, 1997

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U of S "irritated" at first phase of DesRosiers report on University funding

President Ivany responds to The Discovery Phase, the first of four reports planned by Toronto consultant Edward DesRosiers on matters affecting funding adequacy, funding equity, and the funding mechanism of the two Universities.

Structural and system failures blindside the University to the tune of $688,000

Various system failures in the 1997-98 fiscal year have resulted in a $688,000 price tag for the University.

U of S scientists awarded $912,000 by the Medical Research Council

Assistant Dean McLennan welcomes the good news but simultaneously decries decreased governmental and MRC funding of health research here.

U of S to host top Russian Justices

Prime Minister Chrétien's recent announcement in Moscow that Canada is to expand its training initiatives for visiting Russians is related to the University of Saskatchewan's efficient management of the Yeltsin Democracy Fellowship Foundation trust.

U of S to host University Cup hockey

The national University Cup hockey championship is moving to Saskatoon from Toronto and organizers say the four-day event will mean considerable visibility for the U of S.

Operation Christmas Child hopes to send 200,000 shoe box gifts

If the idea of sending a gift to a child living in a poverty-ravaged country appeals to you, consider participating in Operation Christmas Child.

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