WCVM internship primes vet for large animal practice

Dr. Robin (Rob) Stevens had been a practicing physiotherapist for several years when he decided to adopt Cola, a rescue dog from Taiwan. Although Stevens knew he could provide a better life for Cola, he had no idea that his new pet would ultimately lead him to a new path in life as well.

WCVM launches blood donor program for pets

When Emma Thomson adopted Asha from a local shelter, she wasn’t expecting to come home with a dog that day — let alone one that would become a life-saving support for other animals.

Leon Kochian: world-renowned research

He is one of the world’s most highly cited researchers, a member of the Agricultural Research Service Hall of Fame, and has been named to Reuters’ list of the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds. And University of Saskatchewan (USask) researcher Dr. Leon Kochian (PhD) is right where he wants to be.

Space: Final frontier for USask students

When you’re studying outer space, it helps to broaden your horizons.

Quantum centre crosses disciplinary boundaries

A dynamic new research centre in the College of Arts and Science at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) is bringing together faculty members from a number of disciplines to explore the exciting potential of quantum materials.

USask researchers looking to help transgender patients

A University of Saskatchewan (USask)-led research team is looking to make navigating the health-care system easier for transgender people in Saskatchewan.

Researcher inspired by memory of beloved horse

Samantha Steinke is a biomedical engineering master’s student, but her love for horses is what led her to apply her expertise to a research project at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM).