Canadian paleontologists coming to campus

From towering tyrannosaurs to tiny trilobites, the country’s top paleontologists have dug into hundreds of millions of years of history of life on Earth.

Medical school receives international ASPIRE award

The College of Medicine was recently recognized with a major award at a prestigious international conference.

Religion and Sport: Examining redemption and the Roughriders

It didn’t take long for Chris Hrynkow to discover just how passionate people in this province are for their beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders, after he moved here from Winnipeg back in 2011.

Students partner with professor for chemistry startup

A tool developed for specialized research in the College of Arts and Science is being adopted by scientists around the world through a new commercial venture by its inventors in the Department of Chemistry.

Kids at the heart of the matter

Thousands of children in Saskatchewan have Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) but don’t have a formal program that helps them live with the chronic condition.

A lifetime of achievement

He is an internationally renowned researcher with a remarkable resume spanning 38 years, has more than 500 articles published in high-profile scientific journals, and has accumulated an abundance of awards and accolades.

U of S and Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra conduct joint research: “Do brains play the same tune?

University of Saskatchewan (USask) researchers are harnessing new technology to learn what happens in the brains of symphony orchestra musicians when performing together.