WCVM student and Vets Without Borders intern Jamie Neufeld.

Sharing goats and guidance in Uganda

A U of S veterinary student is making a difference on the other side of the world.

Jamie Neufeld, also an Arts and Science alumna (BSc’13), is currently working with Vets Without Borders (VWB) in Uganda. Through the VWB goat pass-on project, Neufeld and other volunteers help impoverished women in Uganda provide for their families by distributing loaned goats, teaching livestock husbandry and training locals in veterinary care.

“The days are long but our hearts are full,” writes Neufeld on the VWB blog. “It has felt surreal to work on an established project and see firsthand how it betters the lives of people, and has been humbling to be so graciously received and welcomed by the community members.”

See more at the VWB blog.

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