Remembrance Day service on campus

All are welcome to attend the campus ceremony.

The Great War: Profoundly altering the U of S

Like many communities across Canada, the University of Saskatchewan’s campus community was devastated by the loss of students, staff and faculty during The Great War, with 350 serving and 69 losing their lives in combat.

Reading Week study tips: How to use your break effectively

Now that many University of Saskatchewan students are settled into their classes and routines, it’s time to use every spare moment effectively.

Canadian forces have long history at U of S

The university and the city of Murray Scharf’s youth is very different to the one today, once a central hub of military service members training for the Second World War and living shoulder-to-shoulder with the local populace.

Speakers Bureau engages university with the community

When Sean Maw relocated to the University of Saskatchewan, he was searching for a way to bring the community into his work—to step out of the office, away from his desk, and get some hands-on time with the next generation of bright young minds.

Campus construction builds community collaboration

When it comes to campus infrastructure, university leadership’s top priority is building exciting new ways for students, staff and faculty to excel.

Great War vignettes

Chalmers Jack Mackenzie is remembered at the University of Saskatchewan as the first dean of engineering who went on to lead the National Research Council in 1939.