10 steps to get involved in undergraduate research

The fall term one is coming to a close and you may have missed out on making the most of it. Get a head start on your academics and your career by launching your undergraduate research profile in term two.

Global Water Futures announces 21 new projects

The U of S-led research aims to predict Canada’s future hydrology and support decision-making.

U of S researchers in global food security awarded grants from Microsoft

Two University of Saskatchewan computer scientists are among the first grant recipients of Microsoft’s AI for Earth program.

U of S researchers discover vampire bugs’ fatal flaw

University of Saskatchewan researchers have found a unique blood-cooling system in the head of “kissing bugs” that transmit life-threatening Chagas disease—a finding that may help develop next-generation pest control tools to thwart these blood-sucking critters.

The science of medical marijuana

As the country prepares for the legalization of cannabis next year, the U of S is ramping up research into the healing effects of medical marijuana.

New screening technique will allow crop breeders to develop drought resistant varieties faster

Scientists from the Canadian Light Source (CLS) have teamed up with researchers from the University of Saskatchewan to develop a new technique to examine drought tolerance in wheat.