Paris Climate Accord trumps U.S. withdrawal

On June 1, President Donald Trump announced plans to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, a decision that critics have said could lead to harsh consequences for communities relying on a federal move toward climate change mitigation.

Profile pictures worth a thousand words

For most people, using Tinder at work is a no-no.

Thirst for solutions

Some of Canada’s most serious water-related challenges, including floods and climate change, have prompted a number of new national projects led by University of Saskatchewan researchers.

U of S, NASA team up on global water survey

Pardon the pun, but Canada is practically overflowing with freshwater.

Reducing Mozambique maternal mortality rates

University of Saskatchewan researchers will be working with partners on the front lines in Mozambique’s health sector on a comprehensive five-year project to reduce the African country’s maternal mortality rate that is 70 times higher than Canada’s.

Cyclotron helps reduce wait times for patients

A year ago, Royal University Hospital (RUH) patients scheduled for medical scans to detect cancer cells sometimes waited as long as seven weeks.

Ancient spinal injury: A story of survival

It was a single fragment of bone, but to Angela Lieverse, it told an 8,000-year-old tale of violence and compassion.