Gamble doubles down on campus collaboration

There’s collaboration, and then there’s collaboration on the scale that Dr. Jonathan Gamble and his team are working on.

Major NSERC grants nurture new research

Climate change research may not be what first comes to mind when discussing the field of mechanical engineering.

Health care, anywhere

Providing efficient, effective health care to remote communities isn’t unlike travelling to Mars.

Researchers explore ways to remove antibiotics polluting lakes and rivers

Pre-treated barley straw is showing promise as an environmentally-friendly material that could be used to help soak up certain types of antibiotics polluting waterways.

Cystic fibrosis scientists discover abnormal response to lung infections

The inability to clear bacteria from the lungs is the result of a lack of healthy mucus secreted in the airways of those with cystic fibrosis, according to new research.

The value of SUNTEP

A new report by a University of Saskatchewan professor states that an Aboriginal teaching program held through the College of Education provides immense benefit to the province.