Non-epileptic seizure patients getting ‘lost in system’

SASKATOON – About 2,000 patients in Saskatchewan and 72,000 across Canada experience seizure-like episodes unrelated to epilepsy, but nearly half aren’t receiving followup care, harming their quality of life and driving up health-care costs even after their complex medical condition is properly diagnosed.

U of S, Edwards hosts citizen symposium

SASKATOON – The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) invites members of the media to attend its Dean’s Speaker Symposium, a day-long series highlighting the theme of citizenship.

U of S historian awarded Royal Society’s Tyrrell Medal

SASKATOON – Bill Waiser, distinguished professor emeritus of the University of Saskatchewan (U of S), has been awarded the prestigious J.B. Tyrrell Historical Medal by the Royal Society of Canada for outstanding contributions to the field of Canadian history.

U of S and Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra conduct joint research: “Do brains play the same tune

SASKATOON – University of Saskatchewan (U of S) researchers are harnessing new technology to learn what happens in the brains of symphony orchestra musicians when performing together.

Ground-breaking MS discovery could lead to better treatment

SASKATOON – A new discovery in multiple sclerosis research, that nerve cells in the brains of MS patients contain stress granules that appear to contribute to nerve cell death, could lead to improved treatment of the disease.

Four Royal Society of Canada fellowships most ever for U of S

SASKATOON – Four University of Saskatchewan (U of S) researchers have been named Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC)—the largest number ever elected in a single year from the U of S to the national fellowship of distinguished men and women from all branches of learning.

U of S to host CIHR Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ Health

SASKATOON – The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) will soon become the new home of the Institute of Indigenous Peoples' Health (IIPH)—one of 13 institutes of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)—under the leadership of the institute’s scientific director, Carrie Bourassa, who is joining the U of S College of Medicine.

Enrolment on the rise at U of S

SASKATOON – As of the first day of classes on Wednesday, Sept. 5, fall term undergraduate and graduate enrolment at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) is at 21,318, up three per cent compared to the first day of classes last year.

University of Saskatchewan prepares to welcome new students to campus

SASKATOON–Media are invited to Orientation, the University of Saskatchewan’s (U of S) official welcome for new students. More than 3,100 new students have registered to attend, the largest number to sign-up for Orientation to date.

Open textbooks save U of S students $1.18 million

SASKATOON – As of this year’s fall term, free, online textbooks have saved thousands of University of Saskatchewan (U of S) students about $1.18 million since 2014 and have given U of S instructors the opportunity to develop reading material that complement their class perfectly.

International ASPIRE award presented to U of S College of Medicine

SASKATOON – The College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan has been recognized internationally through the 2018 ASPIRE-to-Excellence Award in Social Accountability at the 2018 Association for Medical Education in Europe conference, in Basel, Switzerland.

U of S experts available for back-to-school topics

University of Saskatchewan experts are available to comment on back-to-school.