Drs. Steve Arcand and Marina Jones at Clinic 120.

New donor-funded dentistry clinic open for business

The campus community has a new reason to smile, as Clinic 120—the College of Dentistry’s new general practice residency clinic—is officially open.

The clinic, which began taking patients in September, has three treatment rooms and is loaded with some of the newest and most modern dental technology available.

While the clinic is part of the College of Dentistry, it’s not to be confused with the Dental Education Clinic where U of S students practice under supervision.

“It’s not a student clinic. They’re licensed dentists who are skilled just like anybody else in the community,” said Dr. Mohan Teekasingh, who is the director of the graduate program. He said the clinic is a valuable resource for the campus community, and is eager to see more people take advantage of it.

“A lot of people aren’t aware we’re here,” he said. “We work with student insurance plans, so it’s not going to be burdensome on university students to come here.

“We accept patients with all types of dental needs, including those who just need a checkup, a cleaning, or a good bill of health. This might be the place for them.”

The clinic has provided a significant transformation for the residency program. While residents get plenty of experience in trauma and surgical procedures, Teekasingh said this clinic allows them to also keep up-to-date with their general dentistry skills and provides them with an opportunity to become familiar with new technology before they enter private practice.

The clinic construction and equipment was almost entirely funded by individuals in the dentistry profession, who were eager to see a state-of-the-art clinic added to the infrastructure of the college.

Best of all, the funds generated by Clinic 120 will be re-invested back into the college.

Dr. Steve Arcand, who is currently in the residency program, was one of the first dentists to practice in the new clinic.

He said he’s grateful for the alumni support, and is looking forward to seeing the clinic be successful.

“We get to work with some of the most modern technologies, equipment and instruments, so without the donations coming from alumni, that wouldn’t be possible,” Arcand said.

Arcand added that he’s been able to take on challenging cases because he has access to all of the faculty specialists who are happy to offer a second opinion.

“We are quite literally a couple of steps away from those specialists, so our patients have some of the most well-rounded and comprehensive care that can be delivered,” he said.

“In terms of a learning opportunity, nowhere else in this province would someone have access to that when it comes to practicing dentistry.”

A grand opening will be held for the clinic in the coming months, but in the meantime, Teekasingh said he’s eager to get the word out so more people in Saskatoon can take advantage of this brand-new facility.

“Our goal is to support the university community because we’re homegrown and our successes will support things here,” he said.

“We are part of the campus community and anything we can do to help build the profile of the university with the services we offer, I think that’s a win at the end of the day.”

Roxanne McHattie is a development communications specialist in University Relations.

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