Plant Sciences PhD. Student Dale Gross igniting during a prescribed fire at the Old Man on His Back conservation area in spring 2018. (Photo: Hannah Hilger)

USask research study observes plant communities rejuvenated by prescribed burns

Goal to improve habitat quality for bison and other species at risk

A three-year research project aimed at reintroducing prescribed burns to the native Prairie landscape and improving the integrity of the land will be featured in an upcoming CBC-Nature of Things documentary.

Department of Plant Sciences professor Dr. Eric Lamb (PhD) along with PhD student Dale Gross and MSc students Hannah Hilger and Jackie Kroeger, have spent the last three years conducting research on a 13,000-acre conservation area in southern Saskatchewan.  Funded by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the group is examining the responses of grazing bison to Prairie rejuvenated with fire.

The documentary is focused on grassland conservation and features interviews with graduate students Gross and Hilger, as well as video filmed during one of the groups prescribed burns.

The CBC documentary is scheduled to air Friday, September 27, 2019. View the trailer for the documentary at: CBC-Nature of Things.

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