Dr. Has Malik, dean, Sask Polytech School of Business (left), and Dr. Keith Willoughby, dean, Edwards. (Photo: Saskatchewan Polytechnic)

Edwards School of Business and Saskatchewan Polytechnic reaffirm partnership

Sask Polytech grads have the option to complete both a diploma and degree in four years.

After three years of partnership, the Edwards School of Business (Edwards) and Saskatchewan Polytechnic (Sask Polytech) have reaffirmed their educational relationship to work collaboratively and deliver students the highest quality Saskatchewan-based education. The new memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed on May 31, 2019. 

This agreement means that graduates of the Sask Polytech two-year Business diploma program can transfer into the third year of the University of Saskatchewan’s (USask) four-year Bachelor of Commerce program at Edwards to continue their education (2+2). Similarly, a graduate of Sask Polytech’s one-year Business certificate program can transfer to the second year at Edwards (1+3). Students must meet USask admission requirements to transfer into the four-year Bachelor of Commerce degree. 

“We are proud to continue this partnership and develop business professionals to build nations,” said Dr. Keith Willoughby, dean, Edwards. “We are impressed by the diverse backgrounds Sask Polytech students bring to our Bachelor of Commerce degree. They provide valuable perspectives and enhance the learning environment for all students.”

“We are providing pathways where students benefit from the practical and hands-on education that our Business certificate and diploma programs offer, and can then go on to complete their Bachelor of Commerce,” says Dr. Has Malik, dean, Sask Polytech School of Business. “We are proud to collaborate with the University of Saskatchewan through agreements like this that reinforce our strong academic partnership and dedication to student success.”

The new MOU is designed to closely align with Sask Polytech’s new curriculum to better bridge the two institutions’ programs. Thirty-eight students have transferred from Sask Polytech to Edwards since its initial signing in 2016.
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