Deans Williamson and Rodgers reappointed

After a comprehensive review process, the university’s Board of Governors has approved the reappointment of two college deans.

Vicki Williamson has begun her second five-year term as dean, University Library by deferring an earned administrative leave in order to remain involved in the preparation of the library's third integrated plan. Williamson came to the university in March 2006 from the University of Ballarat in Australia where she was serving as pro-vice-chancellor, administrative and academic support. Prior to that, she was university librarian at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia.

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Also reappointed was Dean of Kinesiology Carol Rodgers, who returned to the position in July after a one-year administrative leave. Rodgers, who earned degrees from the Universities of New Brunswick, Windsor and Western Ontario, held her first academic appointment at the University of Michigan. She returned to Canada, to the University of Toronto, where she served in a number of roles including associate dean of graduate studies and research in the Faculty of Physical Education and Health and director of the Centre for Girls' and Women's Health and Physical Activity.

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