PepsiCo to supply cold beverages to campus

Consumers looking for a cold beverage will be seeing blue instead of red this fall now that the university has signed a five-year agreement with PepsiCo Beverages Canada to supply its products to most of campus.

Like the previous agreement with Coca-Cola Bottling Ltd., revenue will be directed at various student initiatives, that revenue being estimated at about $1.8 million over the term of the contract. Unlike the old agreement, the decision to go with Pepsi was made after consultations with the campus community about cold beverage agreements in general. For Heather Magotiaux, vice-president of advancement and sponsor of the process, taking the step of asking peoples' opinions was just as important as signing the agreement.

"I'm very pleased with the degree of consultation," she said. "We heard a lot of important messages around water and sustainability, exclusivity and about confidentiality (of the agreement). I feel like we've found an outcome that accommodates many of the things we heard were issues. The agreement may not be everyone's favourite but is good for the university."

The new agreement will see PepsiCo install fewer and more energy efficient vending machines than there have been on campus in the past. There are also some food outlets that will offer products from other companies, ensuring consumer choice. Included in the list is St. Thomas More College, Mac's, Campus Cove and Harvey's.

Magotiaux also pointed out the PepsiCo deal has some incentives "but no commitment around the amount of product we have to sell. It's also five years instead of 10 with an option to renew."

To address the confidentiality issue, Magotiaux said the details of the agreement will be made available to the campus community, and a report of the financial results and the allocation of revenue will be provided annually.

"And I'm really excited about the water filling stations," she said, conveniences that will be provided by the university to accompany a gradual reduction in bottled water sold on campus.

The details that have been released so far about the new agreement can be viewed at

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