Through a positive lens

Professor Pamela Downe wanted to find out what it means to be a mother, father, or caregiver in the context of HIV/AIDS.

By Mark Ferguson

One way she was able to find out was through the camera lens.

"This project was a tremendous amount of fun to put together," said Downe. "The participants really wanted to make people feel like they have stories to tell."

Downe said social-science research is a good way to gather these stories along with the photos that the 13 participants in the gallery exhibit shared with the public. Each individual was given a camera and asked to photograph their surroundings.

The "photovoice exhibit" is called Through a Positive Lens: Picturing Parenthood in the Context of HIV/AIDS and was on display SCYAP Gallery on Third Ave. in Saskatoon between May 24 - 28.

For more information on this and other HIV/AIDS projects, contact AIDS Saskatoon or Professor Pamela Downe at the U of S.