100 years of student news

In November 1912, the first issue of the The Sheaf was published, and staffers past and present intend to mark its 100th anniversary in style .

"The issue of this magazine marks a stage in the development of the university," the editorial from that issue reads. "Some organ of expression is needed to bring a higher unity into the growing corporate life of the student constituency."

Over the years, the style of language, format and tools used to create and print the publication have changed dramatically, but The Sheaf has always been a students' publication.

In planning celebrations for its 100th anniversary, the U of S student newspaper is keeping this in mind.

An all-years reunion will coincide with the anniversary date of the publication of the first issue of the The Sheaf on the weekend of Nov. 2-3. The Sheaf alumnus and The Globe and Mail cartoonist Brian Gable will be the keynote speaker at an afternoon event to which current The Sheaf staff and high school journalism program students will also be invited.

Duff Spafford, the paper's editor-in-chief from 1956-57 and former professor of political studies at the U of S, joined the The Sheaf centennial planning committee last year. "I feel like I'm representing the first 50 years of  The Sheaf," he said.

Spafford is excited to reconnect with former colleagues, like author Bill Deverell and former politician Ann Edwards, but he's also interested in meeting Sheaf alumni who came before him. He's gotten in touch with several people who worked at the paper in the 1940s, some of whom have already expressed interest in attending.

The Sheaf will also publish a special centennial magazine in the fall with the help of Sheaf staff and alumni volunteers, and they have developed a website for the November event with information, articles and a message board.

"For any company to reach this milestone is amazing," said current Sheaf business and ads manager Shantelle Hrytsak. "Like any business, we have our ups and downs, but we've weathered the storms."

The Sheaf is a stepping stone for students as they head into various professional careers. Students on staff for the 2012-13 year will have a unique chance to connect with hundreds of professionals that started in the same place. "It's going to be an exciting year for anyone who will be working here," said Hrytsak.

Ashleigh Mattern is a freelance writer and a former editor of The Sheaf
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