Making a good first impression

By working together, the organizers of some significant events taking place on the U of S campus in September are aiming to ensure a positive experience for everyone—students, employees and visitors alike.

"The U of S is increasingly building its innate collaborative culture," said Ivan Muzychka, associate vice-president of com-munications. "It's not always possible to fully co-ordinate activities but this September, we realized we had some important events interrelated by logistics or audience that would lend themselves to really promoting the university."

Not only is the U of S starting the academic year with Ilene Busch-Vishniac as president, but a record number of students will be living in residences as well, he said. The annual Experience Us events draw many people to campus in early September, as will Homecoming, USSU Welcome Week and Vetavision, among others. "A big part of these events is welcoming a new group of students. We want to make a good first impression but we also see the wider community, our neighbours and our alumni as an integral part of September activities," said Muzychka.

A committee led by Muzychka, Colin Tennent, associate vice-president of facilities, and David Hannah, associate vice-president of student affairs, has been working for several weeks to "avoid aggravations like double booking events aimed at the same audience" during what is being informally called Super September.

In terms of evaluating success, Muzychka said the group will be looking at attendance numbers and will be soliciting both formal and informal feedback from participants and organizers. "We'll be asking questions like were buildings open, did you find a place to park, did things move in a smooth way. All of that information will help us in years to come because we want the start of the school year to be a good experience for everyone who is engaged with the University of Saskatchewan."

Information about September events can be found on the university's events calendar.

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