U of S alumnus wins UNESCO Kalinga Prize

René Raúl Drucker-Colín, a U of S alumnus and an eminent researcher who brought small doses of science to the general public in his home country of Mexico, is the winner of the 2011 UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science.

An ardent promoter of science, Drucker-Colín's work is regularly published in La Jornada, a leading Mexican daily, and he has participated in the science programming of Televisa, a national broadcaster, over the past 12 years. Speaking from Mexico City, Drucker-Colín said when he was vice-chancellor of science at National Autonomous University of Mexico, "it was necessary for me to promote science to society, to educate everyone on the public value of science. I created Small Doses of Science, two-minute pieces of news on interesting scientific findings."

To learn more about Drucker-Colín and his work bringing the world of science to the attention of the general public, visit the University of Saskatchewan alumni news site.
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