CIHR funding success

U of S researchers have received $2.14 million in a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) competition, a success rate of 15 per cent that is almost double last year’s number and close to the 17.7 per cent national average.

David Blackburn and Jeff Taylor from the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition received $300,934 to examine why about half of the people with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol fail to take their medication.

Philip Chilibeck from the College of Kinesiology and Gordon Zello from the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition will use $578,455 to look at long-term effects of exercise and the supplement creatine on bone density. In the College of Medicine, John Gordon received $660,626 to look at how dendritic cells – a component of the immune system – might be harnessed to treat asthma.

Suraj Unniappan from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine received $602,264 to study how the hormone nesfatin-1 regulates appetite and how fast the body uses energy with the aim of developing new therapies for controlling obesity and diabetes.

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