New University of Saskatchewan students awarded $60,000 and $80,000

Teah Zielinski and Tushita Patel have been named the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) recipients of Schulich Leader Scholarships, which are awarded to highly successful students who are entering undergraduate studies in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM).

By University Communications
Two scholarship recipients, Schulich Leaders, are selected at participating universities in Canada. One undergraduate scholarship valued at $80,000 is designated for a student pursuing a degree in an engineering program. The second undergraduate scholarship, valued at $60,000 is awarded to a student pursuing a degree in a science, technology or mathematics program (non-engineering based).

Teah Zielinski
Teah Zielinski

Teah Zielinski, 18, is the recipient of the award valued at $80,000. A graduate of Marion M.Graham Collegiate Institute in Saskatoon, Sask., Zielinski will enter the College of Engineering this fall. Zielinski was selected for her many outstanding achievements in and outside of the classroom. She is a high-achieving student who received the Saskatoon Public School Division Proficiency Award each year of high school, and is also an accomplished dancer, musician and athlete.

"The moment that I first realized I had potential as a leader was in grade five," said Zielinski. "My school project on the Tunnels of Moose Jaw led me on a path to represent my city at the National Heritage Fair. This experience enhanced my leadership abilities and provoked my desire to learn and use knowledge to benefit those around me.

"I have enormous dreams and passions for the future and am incredibly thankful that this scholarship will enable me to fulfil those dreams. My goal is that I will be able to inspire others and make a difference in the world through my thirst for knowledge."

Tushita Patel, 18, is the recipient of the award valued at $60,000. A graduate of Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School in Mississauga, Ont., Patel will enter the Bachelor of Science this fall. Patel shone as a leader days after she arrived to Canada in 2010. She leapt to the top of her classes and in three years, she accumulated more than 700 volunteer hours. She has also made significant achievements in the fields of entrepreneurship and engineering through her participation in the Shad Valley summer enrichment program at the U of S.

"The Schulich Leader Scholarships will help me make a difference," said Patel. "In 2013, a massive cloudburst took place in India and killed 5,700 people. My goal is to contribute to the creation of safer communities through innovative architectural designs."

Created by Canadian business leader and philanthropist Seymour Schulich three years ago, the annual awards program encourages high school graduates to embrace STEM disciplines in their future careers. This year, there were 1,147 Schulich leader nominees. This scholarship has distributed more than $7.6 million to Canadian Schulich Leaders since 2012.

"A scholarship of this size will motivate high school students from across the country to pursue their dream and in the process help to ensure our country's competitive position," said Seymour Schulich.

Open to every high school, secondary school and general and vocational college across Canada, Schulich Leader Scholarships recognizes Canadian students who plan to study one of the STEM disciplines during their undergraduate years at university. These students demonstrate two of the following attributes: academic excellence, outstanding community, business or entrepreneurial leadership or financial need.