Water world

The Global Institute for Water Security released a 10-segment video suite chronicling U of S water research activities taking place throughout the Saskatchewan river basin.

The series is being used to train students about the water challenges faced across the river basin and expose them to research conducted there. The Saskatchewan river basin program is one of only a few worldwide where researchers across disciplines work together to tackle complex issues of water security—such as degrading water quality and the challenges of extreme events and climate change.

The watershed is half the size of France and stretches from the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, north to the boreal forest, and through the Prairies into Manitoba. The U of S has over 20 research projects throughout the basin looking to understand how these environments are changing, and what policies and practices need to be in place to ensure that communities have the water they need now and into the future.

The videos were co-funded by the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness Curriculum Innovation Fund, the Media Production Teaching Resource Fund and the U of S Research Profile and Impact, Office of the Vice-President Research (general video only).

To view the videos, visit the Global Institute for Water Security website.
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