Lilacs in bloom at the Patterson Garden Arboretum.

In bloom

Anyone who has been to the U of S knows that it is, indeed, a beautiful place to be.

Now the Patterson Garden Arboretum, a short walk from the main U of S campus in Saskatoon, has been recognized by The Huffington Post Canada as one of the most beautiful public gardens in Canada.

The Arboretum began as a trial site in the 1960s, testing the adaptability of various trees, shrubs and vines to prairie conditions. When that experiment ended in the year 2000, the arboretum remained a site of experimentation as new species are added annually while the original trees continue to mature.

The garden is home to a wide variety of beautiful plants, flowers and trees, and is a destination for school field trips, horticulture classes, university students, Master Gardeners, arborists and gardeners.

See more at The Huffington Post Canada.
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