Farley Mowat keeps an eye on the wintery U of S campus alongside his dog, Chester.

Interviews with inanimate objects: Farley Mowat and his dog

There are fascinating statues, artifacts and fun objects located all over the University of Saskatchewan campus. Get to know them a little better with this year’s On Campus News back page feature: Interviews with inanimate objects.

Location: outside, between the Arts Building and the Murray Building

Tell us about yourself.
Hello, I’m Farley Mowat. I was born in Ontario and spent part of my childhood there, but moved to Saskatoon with my family when I was nine years old. As a teenager, I had a column in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix about birds and birdwatching, as well as a newsletter about nature. I suppose that was the start of my writing career.

From 1940-45, I served my great country in World War II, first as a private and then climbing the ranks to become a captain. I started writing in 1949 and have 42 books to my name, as well as many short stories appearing in publications such as The Saturday Evening Post and Maclean’s, to name but a few.

Who is your furry friend?
This is my dog, Chester. I’m taking him for a walk, as I do every morning.

What inspires you?
Nature and the environment are my biggest inspirations. The physical environment has played a huge role in my life and that prominence has carried over to many of my books.

I also love travelling, especially to remote, quiet places. It was a two-year stint in the Arctic that inspired me to start writing, in fact. I also spent some time in Siberia, getting to know the land and the people. Aside from that, I’m fortunate enough to have seen just about all of Canada, from the salty sea air of Vancouver Island to the rolling hills of Cape Breton to the snowy Arctic coast. 

Why did you choose to stay in Saskatoon?
Saskatoon is a lovely city with a beautiful riverbank and a scenic university campus in a natural setting. I do believe it would be a wonderful place to spend the of my days.

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