President’s statement on immigration ban

The University of Saskatchewan expresses its deep concern regarding the American presidential order which bans the immigration of citizens and refugees from certain countries to the U.S.

We affirm the values of diversity, inclusion and respect asserted in our mission statement. Along with Universities Canada and the Association of American Universities, the U of S calls for this ban to end as quickly as possible.

The executive order has the potential to negatively affect our research and teaching partnerships with U.S. institutions, conference participation, study abroad, and interactions with U.S. colleagues with common academic interests. We are working at our globally connected university to understand the full impact the executive order will have on our students, faculty and staff. We will keep our community informed.

Universities such as ours play a critical role in advancing a civil society, and in attracting international talent to Canada. We will remain, as our mission statement asserts, “an innovative, accessible, and welcoming place for students, educators, and researchers from around the world.”  

President Peter Stoicheff 

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