International Blueprint key to U of S global impact

The new International Blueprint for Action 2025 charts a course over the next seven years that enables the University of Saskatchewan to significantly advance its mission to become the university the world needs.

The strategy is to co-ordinate and integrate the diverse breadth of U of S international activities in research, teaching and student experience. The blueprint fosters initiatives that will improve the quality and scope of international activities through collaborations with other universities, governments, and industry.

“This will extend our university’s reach and influence throughout the world, and allow us to address some of society’s most pressing challenges such as climate change, poverty and international security on a global scale,” said U of S Executive Director International Jim Lee.

All colleges and research centres will be engaged in advancing the blueprint, which is aligned with the new university plan’s key objectives of discovery, Indigenization, community engagement, and teaching and learning through to the year 2025. The blueprint features four pillars:

Internationalizing learning experiences:

Increase the proportion of U of S students who study abroad; enhance international cross-cultural perspectives in curriculum content; and optimize participation in co-curricular activities that foster intercultural understanding.

Diversifying the university community:

Increase the number and diversity of international students at U of S, and support their well-being and success; and increase the ability and confidence of faculty and staff to support international and intercultural engagement and activities.            

Strengthening global impact through discovery:

Enhance U of S success as a world leader in research; and showcase the university’s research capabilities, discoveries and achievements.

Growing global citizenship and international community service:

Use U of S expertise to address global challenges and support well-being of communities around the world; and engage in community service and outreach with international peoples and communities to support their welfare and quality of life. “This plan prepares our students and faculty to excel in the global knowledge economy, and foster international collaborations that are essential for impactful research today,” said Lee.

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