USask-led Global Water Futures gets U.N. recognition

The USask-led Global Water Futures has been designated as one of only three Regional Hydroclimate Projects (RHP) in the world by the GEWEX (Global Energy and Water Exchanges) project of the United Nations World Climate Research Programme.

“It is a great honour and mark of pre-eminence to be a university leading a RHP,” said GWF Director Dr. John Pomeroy. “This is a great vote of confidence in USask and its Global Institute for Water Security,” he said, noting the decision reflects the large size and high quality of GWF scientific activity across Canada at 18 universities and the strong reputation USask had with its previous RHP, the Changing Cold Regions Network. 

He said RHP status will make global modelling and satellite information more available to GWF and help GWF get its scientific results out to international decision and policy makers.

“Being granted this status means that our capabilities and plans have been evaluated as to how we will improve the understanding and prediction of weather, climate, and hydrology,” said Pomeroy, Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change.

“They have also considered how we will contribute to the World Climate Research Programme’s Grand Challenges and GEWEX Science Questions, such as the need to address terrestrial water storage changes and better understand and predict precipitation variations and changes in precipitation.”  

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