University donor and alumnus Dr. Kay Nasser (PhD), middle, with USask students and volunteers during last year’s One Day for Students event. (Photo: Submitted)

Donor support helps get USask students back on their feet

Any student may face unpredictable traumatic events or crises during their time at university, and can be faced with the difficult decision to put their education on hold if they don’t have the financial resources to deal with these unexpected issues.

However, thanks to emergency funding, like the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust established by Professor Emeritus Dr. Kay Nasser (PhD) and Mrs. Dora Nasser, there are supports in place to ensure that University of Saskatchewan (USask) students don’t need to cut their educational goals short.

“I had an overdrawn bank account, a pile of bills, and a looming eviction notice on my apartment. If I was not able to pay my rent before the end of the month, both me and my son would be kicked out. At this point, I had run out of options and I was feeling very defeated,” said one USask student who has received emergency funding and wanted to share their story anonymously.

Receiving the emergency funding was a life-changing moment. “I felt like I could breathe again!”

The student explained that they could feel the strain of debt being lifted from their shoulders when they received the news about the funding.

“I am still so thankful for the financial help I received because it provided me with the help I needed,” the student said. “I am very grateful for all of those who contribute to this fund.”

Each year, the USask community comes together on One Day for Students to support students in crisis through the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust. Thanks to this university-wide fundraiser, students who face traumatic events, like medical emergencies, funerals, loss of employment, family break-ups, house fires and other unforeseen events will not have to face these challenges alone.

Last year on One Day for Students, the gifts of more than 640 people—students, alumni, and members of the campus community—came together to support USask students in need. Those donations were generously matched by the Nassers, and an incredible $166,517 was raised to support students in need.

This year on March 17, USask will be hosting its seventh annual day of giving in support of students. On this day, each donation goes to supports the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust. These donations are truly life changing by helping students, like this one, recover after crisis.

Thank you for your support of USask students

 For more information or to make your donation early, please visit: give.usask.ca/oneday

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