Janelle Hutchinson helps oversee planning and land development in Finance and Resources. (Photo: James Shewaga)

Hutchinson focused on future of the campus community

Janelle Hutchinson’s University of Saskatchewan (USask) journey began more than 25 years ago and has taken her from an undergrad student, USSU president, graduate student, and multiple positions within Student Enrollment Services (SESD) to her current role as chief strategic officer in Finance and Resources.

“I remember the nervousness and excitement I felt when stepping onto campus for the first time,” said Hutchinson. “I still experience a similar level of excitement now through my involvement in planning the future spaces and services that will be used by our faculty, students and employees.”

Hutchinson describes her current role as diverse, which includes oversight of the university’s infrastructure planning and land development, the delivery of shared services, and establishing performance metrics for all departments within Finance and Resources.

“Our university has undergone a tremendous amount of change,” said Hutchinson. “I recall one of my first projects working in SESD was updating our student information systems from a phone-in registration system to an online service. The advancements to university services have now accelerated at a much faster pace due in large part to evolving technology and the increased expectations from members of our university community.”

Planning for and managing change in a university environment can present unique challenges, but Hutchinson credits one past president for having a profound impact on her leadership style.

“I was fortunate to work closely with President Peter MacKinnon through both my involvement with the USSU and my roles in SESD,” said Hutchinson. “Collaboration and trust are key in the work we do, and I always admired Peter’s ability to encourage dialogue with people from all areas of the university, while working towards a common goal.”

Despite the fast pace and demands of her current role, Hutchinson always takes time to appreciate her surroundings.

“We are very fortunate to work at such a beautiful campus, from the landscape to historic architecture, being able to experience the campus on a daily basis is something I value,” said Hutchinson.

In recent years Hutchinson’s relationship with USask has taken on even greater meaning.

“Being able to now experience USask through the eyes of my children has given me even more appreciation for the university,” said Hutchinson. “Whether that be through their weekly swimming lessons at the PAC or participating in one of the great summer camps, coming to campus is always a special time for me and my family.”

To learn more about the chief strategic officer portfolio visit: financeandresources.usask.ca/cso

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