Winter on campus. (Photo: Dave Stobbe)

Winter is here – keeping safe this season

We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we manage risks to keep the USask community safe.

Winter is here and so is the ice, the cold and all the hazards that come with it. Whether you are bundling up for the walk across campus or you are just trying to stay cozy at your desk, here are some tips to avoid hazards, inside and out.

Don’t slip: Use the cleared sidewalk paths and look ahead for ice and questionable spots. Pay attention to transition zones where surfaces change. Avoid distractions – leave your phone in your pocket when walking to and from buildings.

Sand isn’t just for the beach: Winter can be a dangerous time of year for walking around, but the risk of slips and falls is quickly reduced by spreading some sand. Sand pails are out for the season in buildings across campus, and everyone can help out. If you notice ice at an entrance, on sidewalks or stairs, do your part by spreading some sand to help reduce your or someone else’s slip and fall risk. If you see a pail that needs a refill call the Customer Service Centre at 966-4496. 

Stay cozy but stay safe: When using a space heater or heating pad for a little extra warmth, make sure to keep the heater far away from any combustible material, and ensure the cord is not damaged or frayed and is securely plugged into the outlet. Double check that is turned off when leaving and choose a heater with safety features like auto-shut off. Learn more about how to stay safe with a space heater

Plugging-in: Power bars are designed to be used with low electrical load appliances like computers, desk lamps, audio/video devices, etc. Make sure power bars are plugged securely into the wall and visible to avoid hazards and replace them if needed.

We share the air: USask is a scent-free facility, and everyone is asked to refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, aftershave and other fragrances at work, and to use unscented personal care products. Chemicals used in scented products can make some people sick, especially those with asthma, allergies, fragrance sensitivities and other medical conditions.

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